We are happy to support Beyond The Streets Welland, a 100% volunteer-run group. Thanks to our volunteers and Unitedway Welland for your support.


♬ Grateful - callmestevieray & Connor Price

Beyond the Streets Welland:  We are so thankful for St. John The Baptist Hungarian Greek Catholic Church. Having met Susan Fleury (organizer) and Father Nick Deak (pastor) has been a blessing. Thank you for taking the time to come and see what we do. Once again you surprised us with an incredible donation with the help of Olga Varga, Maria Szemak, Iren Kovacs, Marg & Allen Audit, Peter Galauner, Gabriel Raso and Mary Kovacs. Hygiene bags are so essential for our street friends! Thank you for helping us spread the love and continue to do what we do within our community.